New Holland 3032 tractor Price Specifications Review & Images

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About New Holland 3032 Tractor

New Holland 3032 tractor

  • New Holland 3032 has 35 HP 3 cylinder engine.
  • Tractor has wet type air cleaner.
  • 3032 has the single clutch with 8 forward and 2 reverse gear box.
  • The maximum speed of tractor is 2.92 to 33.04kmph.
  • Design of tractor helps in most operation work. John Deere 3032 is performing well with rotavator, cultivator, spraying, haulage, sowing, reaper, threshing and across multiple crops like grapes, groundnut, cotton, castor etc.
  • Tractor has Multi Disc Oil immersed brake and power/manual steering.
  • It can lift up to 1230Kgs.
  • The wheelbase of the tractor is 1930 mm with front tire 6×16 mm and rear tire 12.4 x 28 / 13.6×28 mm.
  • It has Fueltank capacity of 42 litters.
  • Ground clearance for this tractor is 385 mm.
  • The weight of the tractor is 1760Kgs.

New Holland 3032 Price in India

New Holland 3032 Tractor Ex-ShowRoom price is around Rs.576,000/-.(NOTE: Price should be different in different states.)

New Holland 3032 Tractor Price in Maharashtra Rs. 576,000/- Ex Showroom.
New Holland 3032 Tractor Price in Madhya Pradesh Rs. 576,000/- Ex Showroom.
New Holland 3032 Tractor Price in Gujarat Rs. 576,000/- Ex Showroom.
New Holland 3032 Tractor Price in Rajasthan Rs. 576,000/- Ex Showroom.
New Holland 3032 Tractor Price in Punjab Rs. 576,000/- Ex Showroom.

New Holland 3032Tractor Applications

  • CULTIVATOR: With cultivator, this tractor is performing great on the farms.
  • HAULAGE: It also carries Haulage with heavy weight.
  • ROTAVATOR: With Rotavator mini tractor is generating more power so the farm can easily rotavate.
  • SPRAYER: With 540 PTO RPM it is suitable for PTO driven applications like sprayer.
  • GYROVATOR: It is highly suitable for Gyrovator.

New Holland 3032 Tractor Specifications

Type T IIIA SJ 324
No of Cylinder 3
Air Cleaner Wet type with pre-cleaner
HP 35
Rated RPM 2000
Max. Torque 1300
Fuel Tank Capacity (Lits) 42
Clutch Single
Transmission Standard 8F + 2R
Speed (Km/h) 2.92 – 33.04
PTO 540
Type Multi Disc Oil Immersed
Lift Capacity (Kgs) 1230
3 point linkage Category I and II
Hydraulic controls Lift-O-Matic, Sensitive Control
Type Manual Steering
Weight (Kgs) 1760
Wheel Base, mm 1930
Ground Clearance, mm 385
Turning Radius, mm 2810
Front Tyre 6.0×16
Rear Tyre 13.6×28 / 12.4 x 28
Battery 75Ah, 12 Volt Battery

New Holland 3032 Tractor Video


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